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The Sense of Time in Cyberspace

Hadar Gorelik

Mentor — Nati Shamia Opher
About Design track

What is reality? Nature or its documentation? When we spend most of our days in front of screens, time loses its meaning. The detriments of excessive use of screens and exposure to artificial light have driven the focus of this project to what we are losing, natural sunlight, and to its representation in the digital world. In the sparse moments, people shift their gaze from the screen, they are overwhelmed by the beauty of nature, they document that moment and quickly upload it back to the screen. The hashtag “sunrise” has over 80 million posts on Instagram, but that sunrise is warped. The sun that used to be the most accurate indicator of time is now replicated across the web, losing its essence. Light is the main resource for this project. Computer and cell phone screen lighting was examined, different objects were documented under screen lighting, and light sensitive substances were used to replicate objects from the screen onto paper and textile. The research process culminated in a spatial installation that used a motif of a white circle of light, a representation of an ambiguous celestial body. A reminder that we are all subject to cyclicality just like the sun. Replicated endlessly, moving from cosmic grandeur to mundane simplicity, existing somewhere between day and night, darkness and light.

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Hadar Gorelik

Hadar Gorelik is a designer, curator and project leader in the field of museum exhibitions and installations. Hadar has worked in Design Museum Holon and for Nendo Design Studio in Tokyo, and is currently living and working in New York.

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